Our vision

Wind 21

WIND-FARM – Self-consumption for everyone.

The self and simultaneous consumption of energy is the future. With this in mind, WindTwentyOne decided to engineer, manufacture and market WIN-D4, the innovative wind turbine with vertical axis that generates up to 4.0 kW of clean energy and reduces CO2 emissions up to 10,000 kg/year depending on the wind conditions at the installation site.

Globally, the consumption of electrical energy is increasing exponentially. Therefore, consumption needs to be “contextualised” into production. Being able to produce enough energy to meet our own consumption needs has become of primary importance.

Considering that the electricity supply network dissipates over 6.7% of the total energy into the environment, this option provides great value in terms of efficiency and costs.

The demand for electricity is mainly concentrated in urban areas; with the innovative and lightweight WIN-D4 system, it is now possible to create real WIND FARMS on the roofs of houses, shopping centers and apartment buildings.

With WIN-D4 energy is at hand.

Kick-start your brain

Innovation and improvement are part of the human DNA; each day, we find solutions to different problems and tend to improve ourselves, our world, and our status.

We learn from mistakes and teach our children how to improve.

Human beings are a real asset in which to invest.

In order to improve, you have to act, think, plan, create and especially SHARE. “Think beyond” is a summary of these concepts.

It was a difficult but interesting challenge; 28 people and their seemingly utopian ideas joined forces to create a new scenario for the application of new revolutionary concepts, which are proving to be very successful.


“Kick-start your brain. New ideas come from watching something, talking to people, experimenting, asking questions and getting out of the office!”

Quote S. Jobs

Our customers know they can count on a product that is reliable, safe to use, tested and controlled.