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4kW | 90% noise reduction | Made in Italy

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WIN-D4 is available now.


WIN-D4  turbine is designed to be installed in urban areas and, more generally, in any man-made environment with turbulent and high wind speed conditions. Unlike the more popular turbines with a horizontal axis, WIN-D4 maintains its power curve, even in particularly stressful conditions. The aesthetic and functional design makes WIN-D4 a unique and revolutionary product. Once it is put into operation, the system does not generate operating noise and is totally vibration-free. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, especially to create a Roof Top Wind farm.

The WIN-D4 assembly nodes are carefully engineered to ensure correct functioning, safety, and easy installation. The optimized size of the turbine also allows for easy packing in order to facilitate normal road transport.

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Examples of installation

Sardinia installation
Sardinia installation
Sardinia installation
Sardinia installation Sardinia installation Sardinia installation

100% Made in Italy

In Italy we found a great opportunity, a great project, a great academic partner and some excellent craftsmen.
Our WIN-D4 wind turbine is produced with raw materials that are sourced in Italy and processed with environmentally friendly techniques.

Our wind turbine is 100% Made in Italy and its production currently involves more than twenty local craftsmen and strong technical and commercial expertise. Our commitment is to make everyone aware of the great benefits that wind power can offer. Even at this embryonic stage, the project only involved Italian companies, the Italian territory and the expertise of Italian aerospace consultants. 

The entire production system currently in use enables the company to maintain the craftsmanship and quality of its products, whereas the standardization of the mounting procedures of individual components ensures quick delivery times and the safe shipping of the product in a single container anywhere in the world.

A product that is 100% Made in Italy is aesthetically appealing, efficient and, in our case, even silent!

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