WIN-D4 is a wind turbine that incorporates overlapping layers of high modulus carbon fibres, which are impregnated with polyester resin through vacuum infusion and post-curing in an autoclave at a pressure of 6 bar. The WIN-D4 assembly nodes are carefully engineered to ensure correct functioning, safety and ease of installation. The optimised size of the turbine also allows easy packing in order to facilitate normal road transport.

Our turbine is designed to be installed in urban areas and, more generally, in any man-made environment with turbulent wind conditions. Unlike the more popular turbines with horizontal axis, WIN-D4 maintains its power curve, even in particularly stressful conditions.

The aesthetic and functional design makes WIN-D4 a unique and revolutionary product. Once it is put into operation, the system does not generate operating noise and is totally vibration-free. Therefore, it is ideal for a wide range of applications, and can be installed on civilian, industrial and hospitality buildings.


About us

WindTwentyOne based its roots on the passion and expertise of the Lovrecich family, who has been deeply involved in energy research since the late 1940s.

The adventure started in Venezuela in the 1940s with the development of major industrial construction projects for power and hydrocarbons industries.

Through the development of innovative systems and technologies, the Lovrecich family became a market leader in the hydrocarbon and power production industries throughout Venezuela.

During the 1990s, the management of the company was taken over by Fabio Lovrecich. The company completed more than 500 projects with the oil and gas industry and reconfirmed its position of leadership in South America.

Simultaneously, Fabio began to intensely diversify the economic and financial activities of the company in order to expand its activities, especially in the production of energy from sustainable sources.

WindTwentyOne was founded in 2011.


Part of Lovrecich Group, a multinational company with over 500 employees around the world and a network of four companies operating in the oil and gas sector, WindTwentyOne specialises in the production and marketing of latest generation wind turbines with vertical axis.

Through business relationships with clients such as Chevron O&G, Shell O&G and British Petroleum O&G, WindTwentyOne has launched a major internationalisation project to promote the production of electricity from wind power across the Mediterranean.

To meet the growing demand of these great players, Wind TwentyOne is committed to combining high technology with the quality of “Made in Italy” craftsmanship in an industrial production process that is in close contact with the specific needs of our clients and offers them a customer-tailored service.



The self and simultaneous consumption of energy is the future. With this in mind, WindTwentyOne decided to engineer, manufacture and market WIN-D4, the innovative wind turbine with vertical axis that generates up to 3.5 kW of clean energy and reduces CO2 emissions up to 10,000 kg/year depending on the wind conditions at the installation site.

WIND-FARM – Self-consumption for everyone.

Globally, the consumption of electrical energy is increasing exponentially. Therefore, consumption needs to be “contextualised” into production. Being able to produce enough energy to meet our own consumption needs has become of primary importance.

Considering that the electricity supply network dissipates over 6.7% of the total energy into the environment, this option provides great value in terms of efficiency and costs.

The demand for electricity is mainly concentrated in urban areas; with the innovative and lightweight WIN-D4 system, it is now possible to create real WIND FARMS on the roofs of houses, shopping centres and apartment buildings.

With WIN-D4 energy is at hand.


Kick-start your brain


Innovation and improvement are part of the human DNA; each day, we find solutions to different problems and tend to improve ourselves, our world, and our status.

We learn from mistakes and teach our children how to improve.

Human beings are the real asset in which to invest.

In order to improve, you have to act, think, plan, create and especially SHARE. “Think beyond” is a summary of these concepts.

With this in mind, WindTwentyOne launched the WIN-D4 project in 2011. WIN-D4 was launched thanks to the profitable collaboration with the University of Padua in 2013, which proved that the “exchange” of knowledge and experience always provides excellent results.

It was a difficult but interesting challenge; 28 people and their seemingly utopian ideas joined forces to create a new scenario for the application of new revolutionary concepts, which are proving to be very successful.


“Kick-start your brain. New ideas come from watching something, talking to people, experimenting, asking questions and getting out of the office!”

Quote S. Jobs

Our customers know they can count on a product that is reliable, safe to use, tested and controlled.


Our after-sales support service is always active and can provide useful tips to improve product performance in all operating conditions.



Innovation does not mean creating revolutionary products, but rather providing the market with something that would make it a happier place.


Innovation does not mean creating revolutionary products, but rather providing the market with something that would make it a happier place.
For this reason, we invest in partnerships with universities and accredited institutions on a continuous basis, without caring too much about the immediate return on investment. We believe that it is important to support new ideas, raise hopes in new generations, encourage emerging talents and pursue a number of objectives that are challenging and stimulating at the same time.
We think beyond traditional boundaries, providing the market with cutting-edge solutions and looking for new and profitable partnerships.

100% Made in Italy

Since we decided to start from our roots, we wish to invest in our “Bel Paese”.
In Italy we found a great opportunity, a great project, a great academic partner and some excellent craftsmen.
Our WIN-D4 wind turbine is produced with raw materials that are sourced in Italy and processed with environmentally friendly techniques.

Our wind turbine is 100% Made in Italy and its production currently involves more than twenty local craftsmen and a strong technical and commercial expertise. Our commitment is to make everyone aware of the great benefits that wind power can offer.

The “WIN-D4″ project was conceived in 2011, when the company met the University of Padua for the first time. The first step was the creation of a working group, which started speculating about the launch of a wind turbine with vertical axis that would combine optimal performance and a small footprint.

Experimentation and prototyping started immediately and, by the end of 2011, the first WIN-D4 was launched. Even at this embryonic stage, the project only involved Italian companies, the Italian territory and the expertise of Italian aerospace consultants. With great satisfaction, we are now able to confirm that this was a winning strategy!

The entire production system currently in use enables the company to maintain the craftsmanship and quality of its products, whereas the standardisation of the mounting procedures of individual components ensures quick delivery times and the safe shipping of the product in a single container anywhere in the world.


A product that is 100% Made in Italy is aesthetically appealing, efficient and, in our case, even silent!


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